Teardrop Flags

Teardrop Flags

The teardrop flag is a symbol of sorrow, grief and heartbreak. It is essentially a series of individual drops that form a complete teardrop shape. Since its creation in 1907, the international symbol of sympathy has become synonymous with the concept of ’emotions.’ In that same year, the design of the flag began as an outpouring of grief following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Since then, people have used the tears to communicate their heartache- whether that heartache is caused by grief or something else entirely.

The teardrop symbol became popular after it was featured in the 1984 film Tennessee Williams’ play The Burning Glass. The play focused on four gay men as they mourned the death of another man. Each of these men exhibited a different type of grief through tears that fell from his eyes. This led many to use this previously taboo symbol to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community. By wearing a teardrop pin, people could show support for their fellow members of the community- without acknowledging their sexual desires or identity issues in public.

The teardrop concept has also been used by many to express support for the AIDS crisis. Many feel that showing sorrow for those affected by this disease is an act of compassion. This compassionate act involves mourning and expressing sympathy for those affected by HIV/AIDS via tears on one’s face or in one’s hair. This is why many people wear a pin with a tear drop motif to show solidarity with those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Apart from showing support toward various causes, many also use teardrop flags as creative outlets. People have used the tears to create stunning artistic masterpieces and social commentary online. Some have used this to create beautiful versions of the national flag. Others have used these tears to create LGBTQ-themed versions of the national flag that support their struggles. Teardrop flags allow for anyone with an idea to share it with the world through creative means- without having to reveal their underlying emotions publicly.

Essentially, the teardrop concept has far more potential than most people realize. Many have used these tears to express their emotions or show support for others who are grieving. Some have also used this to comment on topical issues through artistic edits or memorials online. Whether you’re showing support for others or allowing yourself to be creative, using a teardrop flag can help you work through whatever is troubling you mentally and emotionally.